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Jacob Hauge

 I'm the voice of the Danish Parliament

The Danish Parliament (Folketinget) chose my voice for their future informational video's on the European Union among other subjects


Your trustworthy and reliable Danish voice artist and translator

I am a Danish voice actor, behind countless internet, radio, cinema and TV ads, voice messages/on hold-messages, instructional videos, documentaries, promos, and much more.
I have worked with clients such as the Danish Parliament, H&M, Canon, Google and Novo Nordisk. 
Would you like to work with a highly experienced voice-over talent who’s always friendly, professional, reliable and listens to what you need? Then let's give it a try, mate.

 I'm the voice of the Danish Pharma Nord

This video (and many others) I did for Pharma Nord, which manufactures both medical drugs and dietary supplementsall in Denmark.


1 minute

$ 150
  • For i.e. elearning/web
  • Non-broadcast
  • Non-paid ad's

2 minutes

$ 200
  • For i.e. elearning/web
  • Non-broadcast
  • Non-paid ad's

5 minutes

$ 350
  • For i.e. elearning/web
  • Non-broadcast
  • Non-paid ad's

Broadcast (min.)

$ 500
  • For radio and tv broadcast
  • For more precise quote, contact Jacob

I'm the voice of Danish Ministry of Immigration

Here is a video I did for the Ministry of Immigration, informing about the immigration rules and regulations in Denmark.

Interested? Great. This is how it normally goes.

Let me just walk you through the process of ordering a voice over/translation with me


We negotiate the price

Firstly, we need to agree on a price. Hopefully, both parts are willing to be flexbile. The price depends on factors like on which platform/media my voice will get exposed, and how lengthy the script is



When price is set, I will head towards my studio and get the script recorded according to your guiding. Short scripts take up to 2 week days to complete. Longer scripts, longer. I will let you know when you can expect to receive the final WAV-file


Revisions and completion

Now, if you aren't satified, I will offer revisions for sure. An acceptable reason could be if I misread your script, or if I sound like a Douche Bag compared to my showreel/demo. I am large and I will help anyone who treats me and my studio friendly

"Thanks to Jacob (and his voice), our message, not only got heard, but we got a deep sense of human trustworthiness added to our brand. Awesome"
- H&M

I'm the voice of Danish Patient Safety Authority 

Here, rather serious, I talk about what wonderful work the Danish Patient Safety Authority does.

Common questions about my voice over services

Often within hours. Mind you: I live in Denmark - that's the CET timezone

Oh yeah, it's the best of the best. I am using only the very best equipment and I am use to deliver to the largest radio- and tv-stations in Denmark and abroad

Yes, I do. Send me a mail if you want examples

Yes, actually, I own a voice agency with more than 100 Danish voice talents. So you can always ask me for other candidates for a project than me. I am here to help. Just let me know!

Certainly. Actually, I can do both the casting, the recording and the post production/mixing part of your project. And trust me - I have many years of experience doing all three. Let me know if you need my help.

Yes I do. The price is $0,50 per word.


 I'm the voice of many meditations and guides 

I love to record meditations and guide. This meditation-video, I am particularily proud of. More than 53.000 listenings so far. Enjoy.

Types of Voice Work that I Offer


Radio, cinema and tv ad's - regionally and internationally
(most pricy)


Narration for non-broadcast films, i.e. for websites
(less pricy)


Audiobooks, elearning and IVR-messages
(least pricy)

Get your Danish voice over today, mate

Ready for quote requests and offers - fire away

SMS/Whatsapp: +45 27 20 80 90

 Before you leave: A goodnight story I did

I did more than 50 children stories published on Youtube. To this day, the stories had more than 10 million listenings. This is "Goldilocks".