Producing your song from a simple demo

An immense passion of mine is breathing life into songs! Songs often start from late-night inspirations and scattered ideas, but we wanna end up crafting a fully mastered production, primed for sharing across various streaming platforms. Right? With lot’s of experience in bringing countless projects to fruition, I am eager to collaborate and assist you in transforming your song ideas into vibrant releases on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.


Songwriting is a powerful form of expression that captures emotions, stories, and melodies in a unique and impactful way. As a songwriting assistant, I offer a helping hand in shaping your musical vision into a reality. Whether you need guidance in crafting lyrics, refining melodies, or structuring your composition, I provide the support and expertise to bring your songs to life. Let’s work together to create music that resonates with your audience and embodies the essence of your artistry.

The cost?

Since music production is more of a passion than a necessary income source for me, I am open to meeting you at a pricing level that suits you. Here’s how I see it: If your demo and your musical expression truly resonates with me and captures my passion,, that’s what matters most. If that connection is there, I am confident we can reach a fair price together.

Send me your demo

Share your demo with me, and I’ll offer you my feedback and creative insights on bringing your song to fruition. If you’d like to hear examples of my previous work, feel free to reach out and I’ll gladly provide them.

My own music - Jacob Hauge Mateo

I am engaged in numerous music projects, collaborating with a variety of talented artists and singers such as Ben Bushill, Chelan Harkin, Pernille Aalund, Maya Luna, Lilo Aurora, and Kristian Thorsager. Embracing collaboration as a way of life, I have grown to value it more and more. When we come together with purpose and passion, the possibilities for creating extraordinary music that can lift us up and heal are limitless!